Greg Blackman – The Price of Love – Review

6 09 2010

Greg Blackman’s The Price of Love is one of the most refreshing soul albums of 2010. The self-styled funkiest white boy you shall ever see has seemingly come out of nowhere to deliver a strong set of homespun soul equal to any 2010 debut. Greg’s sound is unlike that of any other soul artist currently releasing records. It’s a funky amalgam of Timmy Thomas, Stevie, Marvin, Curtis, Prince and Bobby Womack, all delivered with lashings of originality, personality, humour and SOUL.

There’s no doubt that Greg is well schooled in the soul classics, but he’s brought something fresh to the table rather than merely emulating his heroes. His organ and synth fuelled tracks provide a warm analog styled soundscape that feels more authentic than the output of any of those supermarket retro soul stars peddled by the major labels. Live instrumentation, comforting, lo-fi production and heartfelt vocals all combine on The Price of Love to create one of the best British soul albums of the past ten years.
Have a listen to the sublime Tell You Something.

The album kicks off with the glorious Marvin circa Trouble Man groove of recent SoulCut of the Week, The Price of Love and never lets go until the organ-fuelled Northern Soul stomper, The Life I Live brings the thirteen track album to a joyous, funky close. In between these jams, you’ll find squelchy, early Prince-fuelled funk (the playful Funky Feelin), captivating instrumentals (the relaxed jazzy vibes of Smoke), Higher Ground inspired jams (Leave This City), deep rare grooves (the sensual Tell You Something – a track that Leon Ware would be proud of) and genre-bending cuts like the 1970s kids TV music meets Bobby Womack vibe of My, My, My.

Have a listen to the awesome My, My, My.

Some may accuse me of hyperbole, but I can’t apologise for my effusive take on The Price of Love. It’s a hugely entertaining soul album that will undoubtedly be in my top 5 come the SoulCuts 2010 review. If this album were on a trendy label like Stones Throw, the critics would be all over Greg like flies on poop.

The Price of Love is a deeply original collection of tracks that’ll be revered in years to come. Come on soul people, let’s show our support to one of the most original new voices on the scene and get over to iTunes and purchase. Pure soulful quality!
BONUS!Take a listen to the early Prince vibe of Funky Feelin


New SoulCut of the Week! – Greg Blackman – The Price of Love

30 08 2010

Greg Blackman is a new UK soul artist that reached out to us via the SoulCuts Facebook page. I’m incredibly grateful that he did. His debut album, The Price of Love is jam-packed with warm, homemade soul full of character. We’ll get a review of the whole album up sometime in the next week. In the meantime, I implore you to check out the title track, The Price of Love. It’s a delightful mellow tune that recalls the great Marvin Gaye circa Trouble Man.

You can purchase the album over at iTunes. Tell ’em SoulCuts sent ya! Believe me, you won’t regret it!

Check out The Price of Love right here!

On Greg’s MySpace page, he describes himself as The Funkiest White Boy You Ever Shall See. As much as I love Greg’s debut album and concur that he is a rather funky white boy, he’s obviously never heard British comedy legend Paul Shane sing You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling.

Undoubtedly, the funkiest white boy you ever shall see! Baby, baby!

Omar – Music – Classic SoulCut!

28 08 2010

We just love Omar at SoulCuts. We’ve gobbled up everything he’s released since There’s Nothing Like This came out way back when! We’re in the process of putting together a full-on heritage session celebrating Omar’s twenty years in the game. Believe me, that’s quite some task. The man has an extensive back catalogue! In the meantime, here’s an anthem plucked from the ’92 album of the same name, Music. Enjoy!

Of course, the man is still making relevant, smashing soul music. Just check the upcoming track with Maddslinky if you don’t believe me. Sounds like an anthem in the making!

Let us know what other Omar goodies you want in the Heritage Selection. Share the love!

Kenny Thomas – Baby It’s You – New SoulCut of the Week!

28 07 2010

Kenny Thomas is a true UK soul legend. A top 10 artist back in the 90s, Kenny continues to put out good music on his own terms. SoulCuts loved his 2006 album Crazy World, best known for the modern soul anthem, Him, co-written with Jonathan Butler. If this new tune, Baby It’s You, is any indication of the quality of Kenny’s upcoming album, we’ll have another hot one! Welcome back, Kenny. Can’t wait for that album!

Find out more about Kenny, listen to his back catalogue and unreleased material over at

And thanks to bamalovessoul for putting SoulCuts on to this tune. Get over there to grab a copy and enjoy their quality soul coverage!