Tokyo Dawn Records Free Art Slave Amelia!

7 02 2011

SoulCuts is in love with Tokyo Dawn Records at the minute. Following our adoration of their latest compilation, The Boogie, comes Amalia’s debut album, Art Slave, produced by Swedish Funk-God, Opolopo. We’ve only had a quick listen, but can categorically state that fans of future funk will lap up this Chaka Khan Live from the Epcot Centre 2041 styled album.

Opolopo’s unique, resolutely current, production combines with Amalia’s never less than exemplary vocals to create a funk album that stimulates both body and mind. The press release describes the sound as sonically and musically inspired by New Jack Swing, but I think that somewhat discredits Opolopo’s fresh production style which filters hip-hop, soul, funk, new-jack and myriad other influences to create an individual sound almost approaching its own genre. As with other work on Tokyo Dawn, Art Slave is not necessarily an album for the old soul connoisseur. But, for those open-minded folks with a penchant for funk, Amalia’s debut album sounds like it will be one of 2011s finest.

We’ll be reviewing the album later this month after some quality listening time. In the meantime, you can listen to the album and buy a pre-release download over at, prior to the physical release in March.


Tokyo Dawn Records Bring The Boogie!!!

30 01 2011

One of the most interesting, and funkiest, compilations of 2011 so far has to be the new one from Tokyo Dawn Records, The Boogie.

The press blurb reads: Based on groove fundamentals such as 80’s and 90’s R&B, Minneapolis funk and early electro, this compilation holds 18 modern approaches to what we like to call boogie music. Inspired by the music of the past, the overall sound of The Boogie is nonetheless fresh and refined. Soul fans with an aversion to hip-hop, house and the beatier side of things won’t like everything on offer here, that’s for sure. But me, I love it! I don’t wanna be a freak, but I can’t help myself!

Listening to The Boogie actually made me feel exactly three and a half times cooler than I actually am. Just look at the tracklisting and all those exciting names, Opolopo, Vindahl, B. Bravo, Taut Fudge (OK, I made that one up). Cool, huh? But don’t worry, The Boogie is certainly not all mouth and no trousers, it’s packed to the rafters with strong songs and deep funk in addition to the overall progressive feel. There’s even a wine bar Atjazz re-edit of the old Rah Band track, Message from the Stars. How cool is that?

Take a listen to a few of the cuts below, and if you’re digging this head on over to Tokyo Dawn Records and grab a copy, just like l did!