SoulCuts Advent Calendar – All Good Things in Time…

29 12 2010

Apologies for the lack of content over the past couple of weeks, but it’s Christmas, for gawd’s sake and I’ve been trying to drink my way out of a vat of brown booze for the past couple of weeks. My head’s just above the frothy top now, giving me the opportunity to tip-tap this last entry in the much-loved and little-read SoulCuts Advent Calendar. And it just had to be The Whispers with their funk/disco evergreen Funky Christmas. Mrs SoulCuts adores this track and has even been known to ask for a ‘rewind’ just so she can get her jingle bells on! And before you ask, that ain’t a euphemism!

‘Though it’s been said many times, many ways, Merry Christmas SoulCutters. Big Love!


SoulCuts Advent Calendar – Day 8 – The Whispers – This Time of the Year

8 12 2010

My favourite Christmas album of all time is Happy Holidays To You by the inimitable Whispers. Released in 1979, this is the soundtrack to Christmas each and every year chez Cuts. Many of the tracks we’re featuring as part of the SoulCuts Advent Calendar tend to be standout tracks on otherwise ordinary albums, however, Happy Holidays To You is that rare festive beast, a Christmas album without any leftovers, with an great mix of original and classic songs.

This Time of the Year is an original fireside anthem replete with those sweet Whispers harmonies. The lyrics are cheesy, cozy and heartfelt, encapsulating why many find Christmas so special. My favourites include, Momma’s oven, Is baking plenty lovin’ and The streets are all crowded, Trees seem to grow in houses. Genius!

Real soul fans know that The Whispers are one of the greatest vocal soul groups of all time and with Happy Holidays to You they provided possibly the finest soul Christmas album ever recorded. Don’t worry, we’ll be featuring a couple more killer cuts as the season progresses. Ho! Ho! Ho!