SoulCut of the Week – Avery Sunshine – All in My Head – Video

20 09 2010

You know we love Avery Sunshine at SoulCuts! So much so that we just had to post up her first music video, All in My Head and make it SoulCut of the Week. It’s a stunning slice of warm as pie, jazzy soul that will be rather familiar with all the good soul folks out there. And if you don’t already know, peep the SoulCuts Review of Avery’s outstanding debut album, then go grab yourself a copy and enjoy one of the finest new soul albums of the 2010.

Check out the SoulCuts Review right here.


New SoulCut of the Week – Foreign Exchange – Maybe She’ll Dream of Me

6 09 2010

We’re pretty much in love with the whole Foreign Exchange clique over here at SoulCuts and cannot wait until October and their third album, Authenticity. Ramping up the hype for the upcoming release, Phonte and Nicolay launched the first move in their assault last week, leaking the new single, Maybe She’ll Dream of Me to the interwebs. Fans of Leave It All Behind will be chuffed to bits with this new cut that combines Phonte’s singing and rapping to dope effect. The production snaps crisp like a fresh bag of roof-of-the-mouth scarring Kettle Chips, with some nicely funky off-kilter programming and synth work underpinning Phonte’s tale of aspirational love that ends with Zo! floating in like some super-hero keyboard cat on the devastatingly simple piano outro. It’s a confident and sophisticated cut that augers well for Authenticity.

Take a listen to the tune right here and then whizz off to FE’s own site to download Maybe She’ll Dream Of Me. You know it makes sense!

New SoulCut of the Week! – Greg Blackman – The Price of Love

30 08 2010

Greg Blackman is a new UK soul artist that reached out to us via the SoulCuts Facebook page. I’m incredibly grateful that he did. His debut album, The Price of Love is jam-packed with warm, homemade soul full of character. We’ll get a review of the whole album up sometime in the next week. In the meantime, I implore you to check out the title track, The Price of Love. It’s a delightful mellow tune that recalls the great Marvin Gaye circa Trouble Man.

You can purchase the album over at iTunes. Tell ’em SoulCuts sent ya! Believe me, you won’t regret it!

Check out The Price of Love right here!

On Greg’s MySpace page, he describes himself as The Funkiest White Boy You Ever Shall See. As much as I love Greg’s debut album and concur that he is a rather funky white boy, he’s obviously never heard British comedy legend Paul Shane sing You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling.

Undoubtedly, the funkiest white boy you ever shall see! Baby, baby!

New SoulCut of the Week – Richard Earnshaw featuring Carleen Anderson – My Door is Open

23 08 2010

My Door is Open is the standout cut from Richard Earnshaw’s debut album. It’s a collaboration with Carleen Anderson, owner of one of the most unique voices in contemporary soul music. The tune initially appeared on Carleen’s top-drawer 2005 Dome album, Soul Providence, but this 2010 reworking is on another level. It’s brassy, funky and packed to the rafters with soul, thanks to a truly outstanding vocal performance from Carleen.

I can’t stop playing this tune. It’s been on constant rotation chez SoulCuts for about a month now. Do you have a new favourite song? Of course you do, it’s called My Door is Open by Richard Earnshaw featuring Carleen Anderson!!!!

We’ll have a full review of the album up in a couple of days. In the meantime, just go and buy the album via Groovefinder Records. Tell ’em SoulCuts sent ya! You won’t regret it, I promise!

New SoulCut of the Week – Soulkiss – ‘I Tried to Forget You’

13 08 2010

New vocal trio, Soulkiss definitely bring some hot buttered, deep soul flavour with this cover of Sylvester’s I Tried to Forget You. Impeccable vocals, heavenly harmonies and real soul instrumentation combine to deliver one of the deepest soul ballads we’ve heard all year. Oh yes, it’s a brave soul that covers a Sylvester track, but Soulkiss amazingly nail this, delivering a more bluesy take on the 1977 gem and wholly making it their own.

Take a listen to the stunning I Tried to Forget You right here:

Soulkiss consists of vocalists Tim Dillinger, Kare Alford & David Sosa. Their sound is reminiscent of the best vocal harmony groups of the 60s and 70s. It’s so refreshing to hear three outstanding vocalists working as a unit, rather than trying to out-sing each other. I bet Soulkiss are amazing live. Please come to the UK, soon!

The guys are currently finishing up their debut album and, on this evidence, it’ll be another buy-blind effort for SoulCuts. We’ll post up further reviews as soon as we get our mitts on any more Soulkiss music.

Thanks to Ivan Orr and Grown Folks Music for putting SoulCuts on to this track. Loving your work!

Oh! And as a bonus cut, here’s the Sylvester original, not that we need an excuse to spin it.

Learn more about Soulkiss at their official site and download via Amazon and iTunes.

SoulCut of the Week – Mario Biondi – Be Lonely

10 08 2010

We’ve loved Mario Biondi since we heard This is What You Are back in 2006. And while it’s great to hear him working with Incognito on their recent Transatlantic RPM album, let’s not forget that Mario himself released an excellent new album this year with the diverse, soulful and jazzy, If. The cream cut off that album just has to be Be Lonely, a Barry White meets the Love Boat kind of groove, awash with Italian sophistication, circa 1976. It’s undeniably kitsch, but utterly addictive. A timeless sounding cut with sweet strings and some shockingly effective wah-wah guitar. We’ve been spinning it for the past few months and just HAD to share it. Delicious!

Oh! And as a bonus, here’s the Incognito remix of No’ Mo’ Trouble from the same album. Niceness.

It’s hard to get your mitts on a physical copy of the album, but iTunes have it, right here.

Kenny Thomas – Baby It’s You – New SoulCut of the Week!

28 07 2010

Kenny Thomas is a true UK soul legend. A top 10 artist back in the 90s, Kenny continues to put out good music on his own terms. SoulCuts loved his 2006 album Crazy World, best known for the modern soul anthem, Him, co-written with Jonathan Butler. If this new tune, Baby It’s You, is any indication of the quality of Kenny’s upcoming album, we’ll have another hot one! Welcome back, Kenny. Can’t wait for that album!

Find out more about Kenny, listen to his back catalogue and unreleased material over at

And thanks to bamalovessoul for putting SoulCuts on to this tune. Get over there to grab a copy and enjoy their quality soul coverage!