SoulCuts Advent Calendar – Day 11 – R Kelly – Love Letter (Christmas Remix)

11 12 2010

R Kelly’s last album, the imaginatively named Untitled, was probably a career worst for the controversial R&B cat. Its tired production and juvenile lyrics sounded so leaden you’d have sworn Kells phoned it in during a horny sleep. I wrote a scathing review, ripping the piss out of the album and poking fun at the self-styled Pied Piper, but kept it to myself. In the past, Kells had disappointed me via those woeful hiphop collaboration albums, the Celine Dion tracks etc. However, the enigmatic Robert Kelly has made it an integral part of his career trajectory to throw the music-loving public a few curve balls over the years. It seems that every few years I write R Kelly off and then he drops a few world-class soul cuts, putting me in my place and bemusing me in equal measure.

The first cut off the upcoming Love Letter, When a Woman Loves, failed to move me too deeply, sounding like the Pied Piper was trying too hard to ape that commercial ‘retro’ sound. However, when the stepper Love Letter dropped, I realised that he’d turned me around again! After listening to a number of tracks off the upcoming album, I think it’s fair to say that the Kells soul fans appreciate is back with an album that’s much better than we could have expected. And, to SoulCuts great pleasure, R decided to drop an addictive Christmas remix of the Love Letter cut, just in time to be part of the inaugural SoulCuts Advent Calendar. Check it out!

Merry Christmas from the Chocolate Factory, indeed!

Love Letter drops officially next week. I may share the review this time!!!!