Kebomusic Remix I Can See by Jazzanova Featuring Ben Westbeech

5 10 2010

SoulCuts loves Kebomusic. Earlier in the year, we raved about the Soul Prototype EP and while we eagerly await a full album, Kebomusic’s Derrick Pryce has hit us up with a pretty dope remix of the cut, I Can See (featuring Ben Westbeech) from Jazzanova’s delightful Of All The Things album from a couple of years back. The remix has a nice 4Hero vibe that has seen it going straight on to the iPod. If I’m being critical, it’s perhaps not long enough. I’d love to hear a more stretched out version, but I’m just a greedy fellow! Check it out and download below:

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Kebomusic – The Soul Prototype – Review

26 08 2010

In need of some laidback jazzy, hiphop tinged soul? Of course you are. We all need some of that. And Kebomusic’s debut EP, The Soul Prototype, has it in abundance. It’s certainly worth a download.

The brainchild of Atlanta based musician and producer, Derrick Pryce, The Soul Prototype brings together a talented bunch of indie vocalists and musicians to deliver a consistent set of bubbling, relaxed soul, jazz and hip-hop cuts, all delivered with some sparkly keyboard work.

Highlights include the jazzy soul of Escalators featuring Steve Wallace, the damn sweet, stripped vibe of I’m Still Here, complete with delicate vocals from Kenny Wesley, and the midtempo goodie, Smile, featuring Lasonya Gunter.

Have a listen to the standout cut, I’m Still Here featuring Kenny Wesley!

We have to thank the folks over at Music Addikts for first putting us on to Kebomusic. We’ll be checking for that album, The Experience, promised for 2011, with some pretty high expectations. Nice work!

Find out more information on Kebomusic and download the EP right here!