STAC – Turn That Light Out – Review

22 07 2010

I’ve been trying to write a review of Stac’s Turn That Light Out for the past couple of weeks. I jot some ideas down, write a paragraph or two and then take another listen, and before I know it I’m lost in the music again.

I just can’t express how special this album sounds to me. I suppose its a bit of a cop out, or perhaps I’m just a lazy bastard, but sometimes writing about music just doesn’t do the listening justice. And to further complicate matters, I saw Stac and her band perform live at Flowmotion Live the other week. It was pretty much super, but left me scratching my head once again as to how to describe such a unique sound and artist.

If I must write anything about Stac’s debut album, it will be this: Turn that Light Out is a brave, unpretentious album with a stronger sense of identity than any British soul album of the past five years. It deserves to be heard far and wide. I may even invest in a public address system, strap it to the top of my Focus and blast it around the estates until all are converted, or I get knifed.

It’s accessible and adventurous, with delicate instrumentation enveloping jazz, folk and soul into the perfect backdrop for Stac’s fairly amazing vocal arrangements and captivating lyrics. But don’t take my word for it, have a listen right here:

It’s pretty much all killer, no filler, but standouts include the reggae-tinged Strainger, the stirring folk-soul of Head On Me, the jazzy vibes of All or Nothing and the just wonderful Glory.

Turn That Light Out is a fresh, soul-drenched album that hangs together beautifully, heralding the arrival of a shining new talent with oodles of promise.

And here’s where you can buy it: You know it makes sense. Tell ‘em SoulCuts sent ya!