Funk ‘N’ Stein Bring Some Hot Ass Funk

26 11 2010

Funk ‘N’ Stein is an Israeli funk band with a refreshingly old-school sound akin to a laidback Tower of Power. Out on the mighty Phil Driver’s Soul Unsigned label, Funky Mission balances ass-ripping funk and mellower moments like two fatties giving it their all on a see-saw. If you like real songs, proper musicianship and all that old and crusty good stuff, then this album’s right up your dirty alley, make no mistake! But if you like overproduced, one-dimensional pap, then you’d better scarper! Right now, before I get the fuzz on you!

Funky Mission compiles a bunch of the best cuts culled from the group’s past few albums. Whatever the age of the tracks on Funky Mission, this album is a breath of fresh air for the funkateer. Warm arrangements, stirred up with strings, horns and a nimble rhythm section give Funk N Stein the edge over their competition. We’ll be bringing you a full review sometime in the next week or so. Until then, enjoy these little tasty funk soul biscuits!

You can grab a copy of the album over at the excellent Soul Unsigned website! Go on, treat yourself! You deserve it!


Friday Funk – Monsieur Greg Blackman, Lyrickal & Johnny Rebel bring that Soulful Ruckus!

8 10 2010

Need some Friday Funk? Look no further than this wicked vocal jam culled from last weekend’s Morpheus Soul Show. Starring friend of SoulCuts, Greg Blackman, this is some proper freestyle fun for the people!

We just love the vibe of the Morpheus Soul Show. Always something fresh and GOOD. Make sure you check them out for some more thick soul food over the weekend if you like that cutting edge soul and tasty hip-hop. They’re on every Saturday afternoon and you can check past episodes of the show right HERE!

Friday Funk – Seductive Souls – Is This Love

17 09 2010

Today’s Friday funk comes from the funkiest place on earth, Germany!

As the creative mastermind behind Cool Million, Rob Hardt has been supplying soulheads with a delectable selection of 80s inspired grooves for the past few years. This year’s Back for More was an exceptional collection of impeccable tunes, with the title cut an undoubted classic that’ll be spun for years.

Seductive Souls is his 70s funk, soul and disco inspired project. For Friday Funk, we’ve picked the choice cut, Is This Love. It’s a breezy little reggae-tinged, jazz-funk ditty with a nice vocal from Michael Aark, some squiggly 80s synths and a crack-like addictive groove. We can’t stop playing it chez Cuts.

Bundle on over to iTunes, Amazon, or your favourite soul music retailer and snag a copy of the album, Spirit. It’s pretty good for the soul!

Oh, and here’s your usual Friday Funk bonus for the uninitiated: Back for More by Cool Million featuring the one and only Eugene Wilde. If you love 80s grooves, this is the jam for you!

Friday Funk – Roy Ayers – The Golden Rod & Positive Vibe – Happy Birthday Uncle Roy!

10 09 2010

Today’s Friday Funk comes from jazzfunksoul god Roy Ayers. It’s impossible to overstate the influence Roy has had on the development of black music. From his genre-bending stint with Polydor in the seventies and his outstanding production work, right through to becoming the second most sampled artist of all time (according to Avery Sunshine on her recent interview), Roy Ayers is a legend. And what better way to say happy birthday to the man than with a little SoulCuts Friday Funk love.

The Golden Rod comes from the momentous 1976 album, Everybody Loves The Sunshine. It’s jam packed with goodies, but The Golden Rod has always been my personal favourite. Three minutes of vibes laden, jazz-funk heaven, with an astounding keyboard solo by Maze’s Philip Woo, this is an uplifting instrumental treat that always leaves me begging for more. REWIND!

And as a birthday bonus, here’s Roy’s recent dancefloor stomper, Positive Vibe, recorded with UK jazz-funk stalwarts, Bah Samba. Keep the vibe alive, indeed! If you don’t have this one in your collection, then head over to Traxsource and grab the original and some fairly hot mixes. Tell ’em SoulCuts sent ya!

Apparently, the vibes used on this recording came straight from the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing set. Talk about a Brucey bonus!

Friday Funk! – Geno Young – Condition

27 08 2010

We love Geno Young at SoulCuts. Just check our review of his recent album, Ear Hustler, if you don’t believe us! What’s more, we just had to lay down this track for one of the funkiest of SoulCuts Funky Friday’s yet.

Condition is some old school funk for 2010. We just can’t get enough! Hit the floor, funkateers and you’ll be roaring the chorus, ‘Imma buy you a new car!’ loud as heck in no time at all. Like Geno sings, ‘Come on y’all, put your hands together!’

Take a listen to Geno’s FUNK!

You can grab a copy of the super dope Ear Hustler at iTunes, Amazon, good old CDBaby and anywhere else where they deal in good music.


Oh! In case you need to mellow out after getting your funk on, we’ll spin the old neo-soul classic, Honeydew, from Geno’s excellent 2004 album, The Ghetto Symphony. Happy Friday, people!

Friday Funk – Don Blackman – Heart’s Desire

20 08 2010

Following a sterling p-funky performance from rare groove hero Don Blackman at London’s Indig02 last night, today’s Friday Funk just had to be his all-time classic, Heart’s Desire. Undoubtedly one of the greatest tracks on his infamous 1982 GRP album, this tune has a fat chocolate cake bass line, jazzy vibes and a nice old fonky vocal. It’s kind of like a jazzier, tighter, more soulful Parliament cut.

I almost snapped my neck head-nodding to the big man’s brand of funk last night. Nearly 30 years on, Don Blackman has still got the funk and we like it! Turn it up!

Friday Funk! – Prince – Right Back Here in My Arms

13 08 2010

I love Prince. But while the great and good bang on about how he’s lost it since the 80s, I’m tucked away with my bloated 3-CD Emancipation set enjoying some of the best music he ever put down. Right Back Here In My Arms is a hugely underrated 90s synth-funk gem, reminiscent of some of his earliest, most joyful, one-man-band material. It’s a timeless tune that gets a regular airing chez Cuts. Enjoy!

Oh! And for the good of your health, please try and avoid listening to this tune on your computer, mobile device or iPod, as, like Grandpa Purpleness says, “‘All these computers and digital gadgets are no good. They just fill your head with numbers and that can’t be good for you.” So, please don’t click on the video above and get your funk on. In fact, what the hell are you doing here? Quick, unplug your machine, wind up the gramaphone and slip into some ridiculous clothes. It’s for the good of your health!