LeNora Jaye’s Story is Taking Over SoulCuts

24 01 2011

Ok, folks. 2011 has arrived with its first essential release, The Story by new soul heroine LeNora Jaye. I recently had the pleasure of reviewing the album for my pals over at soulinterviews.com and can report that its a mandatory purchase for all lovers of timeless soul. The quality is so high on this debut that I’m reminded of Ledisi’s first album, which, as you’ll surely agree, can’t be a bad thing. The Story is a varied album on which LeNora’s songwriting and production skills shine brighter than that big fat orangey thing up there in the sky. Contributions from Steve Wallace, the excellent Astral 22 (who also associate produces) and Angela Johnson, among others, round out an album that takes the listeners on a replenishing trip through soul, jazz, gospel and house.

Have a listen to our favourite cut from the album, the glorious house jam, Never Get Away. It’s only crime is its brevity. What a killer!

Read our review here, and purchase the CD from Simply Soul Mail Order or Soul Brother Records. The album will be available for download via all the usual outlets from Valentines Day. It’s a date!




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