Luv is Comin’ Up – The Remixes

14 01 2011

Luv is Comin’ Up from 2010’s album of the year, In The Name of Luv by Tom Glide & the Luv All-Stars is being set loose as a well deserved single release, featuring a whole host of slamming remixes. My favourite comes courtesy of Chris Bangs, one of the most prolific producers of the Acid Jazz era. His ‘Soul in One’ mix doesn’t gussy around too much with what is already a classy tune. Take a listen below:

80s groovemeisters Cool Million deliver a mix warmly wrapped up in their signature sound. Its bound to go down a storm with the modern soul crowd and further underlines their position as the musical custodians of the decade that fashion forgot. Have a listen right here:

Cool Million‘s Rob Hardt also drops by with his own dancefloor-driven remix.

The YSE Double Garage and Mood Lighting Dub mixes take the original track even deeper. The YSE mixes may not immediately hit with soul fans enamoured by the live, brassy feel of the original, but listened to in their own right, these are undeniably dope slices of sweet garage, particularly the subtly entrancing Mood Lighting Dub.

The Tam and Jay Remix serves up a boogie-styled, Jam & Lewis vibe with some nice jazzy keys. Neil Thompson‘s ReGrooved Mix rounds off the package with a laidback approach that moves the energetic original into more chilled out territory, reconstructing the cut for some late night shuffling. Take a listen below, it’s lovely stuff:

Luv is Comin’ Up is an outstanding collection of mixes that you can now buy exclusively via Traxsource. Bloody fantastic stuff! Welcome to 2011! It’s warming up!




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