SoulCuts Advent Calendar Day 14 – Mariah Carey – When Christmas Comes

14 12 2010

What’s this? Mariah on SoulCuts? R Kelly last week? What’s next? P-Diddy week (I ask you, Diddy-Dirty-Money)? A feature on the new Akon album (I believe the cover has him squeezing out a dump on MJ’s grave, yelping in his ‘trademark’ voice)? A 2-Live Crew retrospective? Leona Lewis?

OK, maybe that’s going too far. I apologize. I have to admit that I’m not much of a Mariah fan and find the different personalities (Diva? Fly-girl? Butterfly?) all a tad confusing. However, Mrs SoulCuts loves her some of that famous Mariah Christmas track. You know the one. But, we’re not going to feature that. Just tune into any commercial radio station, it’ll turn up soon enough. We’ve got a great new SOULFUL track she co-wrote with James Poyser for her recent Christmas album.

When Christmas Comes is a bonafide festive soul scorcher that’s so much better than I would have expected from good old Mimi (hehe, Mimi, indeed!). No Akon log in sight! Get the fire on and unwrap that Christmas thong, as Barry White would say if he were still alive to grace us with a new yuletide cut.

Ho! Ho! Ho!




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