SoulCuts Advent Calendar Day 2 – Rahsaan Patterson – Peace & Joy

2 12 2010

We all love Rahsaan Patterson, right? One of the finest advocates of progressive and timeless soul over the past fifteen years, Rahsaan has long been a firm favourite in the SoulCuts house. At Christmas time, Mrs SoulCuts and I love to throw on Rahsaan’s album, The Ultimate Gift, knock back some mulled cider and fall asleep mid-way through eating a block of his and hers chocolate. If you don’t already own a copy of Rahsaan’s Christmas album, then please go and gift it to yourself. Released in 2008, The Ultimate Gift is rapidly attaining the status of a classic, in my house at least. We’ll be featuring more cuts from this must-buy album over the month of December.

For those of you desperate for some new music from Rahsaan, look no further than the tune below. Easier Said Than Done is a funky-ass affair that sits right in the pocket of Rahsaan’s overall back-catalogue while subtly showing some nice progression. Culled from the upcoming album, Bleuphoria, Easier Said Than Done has definitely got that HEAT! Shout out to Brian Hurst of with his impeccable Hurst Selection for opening up our ears to the track back at the start of November. If you don’t already know, get on over to and delight in their vast array of high quality soul and jazz podcasts. Nothing but the good stuff!

Oh! And you can now download Rahsaan’s dope new single via iTunes. That’s easily done: click here!




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