Funk ‘N’ Stein Bring Some Hot Ass Funk

26 11 2010

Funk ‘N’ Stein is an Israeli funk band with a refreshingly old-school sound akin to a laidback Tower of Power. Out on the mighty Phil Driver’s Soul Unsigned label, Funky Mission balances ass-ripping funk and mellower moments like two fatties giving it their all on a see-saw. If you like real songs, proper musicianship and all that old and crusty good stuff, then this album’s right up your dirty alley, make no mistake! But if you like overproduced, one-dimensional pap, then you’d better scarper! Right now, before I get the fuzz on you!

Funky Mission compiles a bunch of the best cuts culled from the group’s past few albums. Whatever the age of the tracks on Funky Mission, this album is a breath of fresh air for the funkateer. Warm arrangements, stirred up with strings, horns and a nimble rhythm section give Funk N Stein the edge over their competition. We’ll be bringing you a full review sometime in the next week or so. Until then, enjoy these little tasty funk soul biscuits!

You can grab a copy of the album over at the excellent Soul Unsigned website! Go on, treat yourself! You deserve it!



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