Carmen Rodgers – It’s Me – Video

24 11 2010

The web’s gone crazy with love for Carmen Rodgers’ new video, It’s Me. And, why not? It’s a stunning cut that we’ve loved for some time over at SoulCuts and the powerful video is every bit as haunting and elegiac as the track itself. It’s what that YouTube ‘Replay’ button was made for! We love it!

As we wrote back in August, “If I were to single out a track for particular attention, it would have to be It’s Me. It’s an expertly crafted cut on which the vocal performance, music, production and lyrics hang together perfectly. The repetitious, chugging, slow funk groove captures the mood of the lyrics, while Carmen’s laid-back performance, repeating the same lines over and over, conveys the emotion in the lyric more powerfully than any vocal histrionics could. It may require repeated listens to unlock its qualities but I just can’t get enough of this tune.”

And stay tuned for an upcoming interview with Carmen from our friend Souly over at




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