JD73’s Pure Gold Gives SoulCuts One Helluva Rush

26 10 2010

We love the new JD73 album at SoulCuts. It’s a veritable treasure chest of jazz-funk, boogie and soul aimed unabashedly at the dancefloor. From the first lick to the closing cut, Pure Gold is one of the most energetic soul albums of recent times. I’ve been dad-dancing with wild abandon since it plopped through the SoulCuts letterbox a week or so back.

It may share its name with a popular, and undoubtedly disgusting, brand of poppers, but JD73’s Pure Gold’s headrush lasts much longer than a couple of flithy minutes, and it won’t leave you feeling all pukey. Pure Gold is some honest to goodness Herbie Hancock flavoured disco funk. It’s nothing but good for your soul!

We’re working our way up to a review of the whole album, but it’d be rude if we didn’t share a little of the goods before then. Check the mix below. It runs through all the album’s killer cuts and is bound to whet your appetite for the whole tasty concoction.

The album is released on Joey Negro’s Z Records, a wholly appropriate home. If you enjoy The Sunburst Band, you’ll bust a nut over JD73. Pop on over to the Z Records website and get yourself some digital goodness before it’s too late. You can also get it at Amazon and iTunes too, but they’re not as lovely.

Stay with SoulCuts for more on JD73. In the meantime, check the website, http://www.jd73.co.uk/




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