Nakia Henry Writes SoulCuts a Love Letter

20 10 2010

Nakia Henry’s Love Letter (He Wants Me to Win) is a thick slice of refreshingly positive, funky soul that celebrates the power of a strong and supportive relationship. Nakia shows herself to be a sensitive, and versatile, singer, aligning her passionate delivery to the thick head-nod groove while building the emotion nicely to the track’s apogee. Yes, it’s good!

Love Letter bubbles along on the back of an adroit sample of Erykah Badu’s ‘Otherside of the Game’. Nakia’s currently trying to build momentum to get Queen Badu’s approval for the sample. On this evidence, it’ll only help Ms Badu’s credibility if she can help push this quality cut through!

Download this cut for FREE from Nakia’s Bandcamp site and learn more about her at One to watch? Oh yes.




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