Noel McKoy – Jealousy – Cool Million Remix!

1 10 2010

SoulCuts loves Noel McKoy and Cool Million. We thoroughly enjoyed their collaboration on Cool Million’s Back for More, the energetic Just Dance. So, imagine our pleasure upon discovering the Cool Million remix of Noel’s latest single, the classic slice of pimped-out Philly meets Curtom soul, Jealousy. Cool Million wrap the tune up in their usual 80s styled magic but still manage to keep the vibe of the original. It’s a subtle reworking, lifting the cut a little towards the dancefloor while keeping Noel’s vocals centre-stage. Have a listen right here! Smashing!

The Jealousy remixes are out real soon. You can pre-order them via iTunes. And don’t forget the Jazz Cafe gig on the 13th October. Get your tickets! Tell ’em SoulCuts sent ya!




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