Hot SoulCut Alert – JD Green – Sleepwalking

22 09 2010

JD Green is a talented new soul artist with a refreshingly free and jazzy style. Her unique, honest voice impressively defies the critic’s usual need for classification. We’ve been playing her deeply soulful debut album for the past couple of days and will definitely be reviewing it in the coming weeks. In the meantime, we just had to share one of the many outstanding cuts on Diurnal Movements, the exquisite Sleepwalking. I’ve fallen deeply in love with this track. It’s fairly representative of the overall soul meets jazz tone of the album, although that’s not to say that the album is without its surprises. If you like this cut, you’re sure to love Diurnal Movements. Stay tuned for the review!

And if you feel the urge, head on over to JD Green’s Bandcamp page to purchase the intoxicating Diurnal Movements. You know you want to!



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