Hot SoulCut Alert – It’s The Weekend – Leroy Burgess

17 09 2010

We all love Leroy Burgess, right? The undisputed master of boogie soul and creator of classics such as Heartbreaker, You Got That Something, Over Like a Fat Rat, Barely Breaking Even and Mainline among others, Leroy Burgess is the very definition of a cult soul hero.

Mr Burgess has just released an album of material from the boogie vault, updated with a 21st century twist, in the shape of the enjoyable Throwback Volume II: Sugar Hill 1983-1986. But it’s the remix package of It’s The Weekend that’s been enjoying some heavy play chez Cuts. The choice cut just has to be the laidback house stylings of the Jonny Montana and Craig Stewart Mix. It’s one to play, savour, repeat and love, over and over. It’s the weekend! Enjoy!

The remix package contains other versions from Cool Million/Seductive Soul fella, Rob Hardt and Patchworks. It’s well worth some of your pennies. Check it at iTunes and Traxsource.

Oh! And check Blues & Soul for a nice little interview with the man himself! Quality!




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