Hot SoulCut Alert! – Tom Glide & the Luv All Stars

11 09 2010

Tom Glide & the Luv All Stars is the brainchild of fellow Frenchmen, Tom Glide and Patrick Smadja. Years ago, as students, the two promised one another that they would one day record an album with a bunch of Earth, Wind & Fire musicians. Fast-forward a few years and Tom Glide has assembled his dream team (including RahmLee, Larry Dunn, James Gadson and a whole host of top-brass soul luminaries) to produce one of the most joyous albums of recent times. It’s an unabashed love letter to the classic American soul sounds of Quincy Jones, Kool & the Gang and, overwhelmingly, Earth, Wind & Fire, replete with punchy horns, sweet strings, real musicians and a truckload of fantastic tunes.

Please check out the tunes, Can You Feel It and What’s Your Fantasy, both posted below. Let us know what you thoughts. I reckon you’re going to LOVE IT!

We’ve been ever so lucky to have a listen to the album and we’ll be giving it a review in the coming weeks. Believe me, this album will be getting nothing less than a five stars! It’s exceptional! In the interim, hop on over to SoulTracks who have a nice bio for your reading pleasure and check out Tom’s website for a great video on the making of the album and lots more information on the amazing cast-list!

The album should hopefully be available to download sometime in the next month. As soon as we get any more information on when and where you can purchase Tom Glide and the Luv All Stars, we’ll let you know. This is going to be BIG!




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