Omar – Music – Classic SoulCut!

28 08 2010

We just love Omar at SoulCuts. We’ve gobbled up everything he’s released since There’s Nothing Like This came out way back when! We’re in the process of putting together a full-on heritage session celebrating Omar’s twenty years in the game. Believe me, that’s quite some task. The man has an extensive back catalogue! In the meantime, here’s an anthem plucked from the ’92 album of the same name, Music. Enjoy!

Of course, the man is still making relevant, smashing soul music. Just check the upcoming track with Maddslinky if you don’t believe me. Sounds like an anthem in the making!

Let us know what other Omar goodies you want in the Heritage Selection. Share the love!



5 responses

31 08 2010

Can’t wait for the new Omar. I believe it will be on Tru Thoughts. I recently picked up a 12″ of “Feeling You” but it’s more about Henrik Schwarz remix.
Some vintage Omar…erm…how about the one he’s done with Angie Stone “Be Thankful”. Reckon it was about 10-12 years ago?

31 08 2010

Not sure I’ve heard the Henrik Schwarz remix. Will have to hunt that down! Always enjoyed the original.

Be Thankful’s from 2001’s Best by Far (My favourite Omar album, by far!) A nice version, as is the one with Badu. Have to say that my preferred Angie Stone duet is the funkier Stylin’ from Sing (If You Want It).

29 10 2010

Omar on Tru Thoughts? – That’s interesting. Would be cool if it gives him a push into some new ground but that feels a bit optimistic. I haven’t been blown away by his last couple of albums to be honest. Will forever love him just for being Omar though.

Cut – speaking of Tue Thoughts – you ever heard this cover?

Better than the bland Lewis Taylor effort.

I love it.

29 10 2010

Always have to love Omar…I dunno, I think Best By Far is perhaps his best ever album…and Sing has that tune with Angie Stone with Omar singing….’this is omaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar, angie stone and omaaaaaaaaaar’…i want that at my funeral….oh and you in me-phi-me get-up dancing on my coffin…

yeah, have heard that…love kylie audist’s voice….overall, it’s just deeper…but why you gotta be down on lewis…he could be reading this….and you just made him cry…proud of yourself??? yeah! call yourself a music lover…poohead

29 10 2010

Lewis Taylor – if you’re reading this then I think you’re brilliant. Your debut album is one of my most cherished albums of all time…and probably will be forever more.

It’s a shame that you quit the music business, but if you’re half as good at being a plumber as you are a musician, then there will be alot of happy boilers knocking out the heat this winter. God bless you.

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