Friday Funk! – Geno Young – Condition

27 08 2010

We love Geno Young at SoulCuts. Just check our review of his recent album, Ear Hustler, if you don’t believe us! What’s more, we just had to lay down this track for one of the funkiest of SoulCuts Funky Friday’s yet.

Condition is some old school funk for 2010. We just can’t get enough! Hit the floor, funkateers and you’ll be roaring the chorus, ‘Imma buy you a new car!’ loud as heck in no time at all. Like Geno sings, ‘Come on y’all, put your hands together!’

Take a listen to Geno’s FUNK!

You can grab a copy of the super dope Ear Hustler at iTunes, Amazon, good old CDBaby and anywhere else where they deal in good music.


Oh! In case you need to mellow out after getting your funk on, we’ll spin the old neo-soul classic, Honeydew, from Geno’s excellent 2004 album, The Ghetto Symphony. Happy Friday, people!




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