Andreya Triana – Lost Where I Belong – Mini Review

24 08 2010

Andreya Triana’s debut album, Lost Where I Belong holds some pretty deep treasures for the more adventurous soul fan. Out on Ninja Tunes this week, there’s a definite buzz in the UK about this album. Produced by Bonobo (Andreya contributed a number of vocal tracks to his recent, excellent, Black Sands CD), the album is sonically consistent with a light folk-soul vibe and restrained instrumentation that allows Andreya’s mesmerising, vunerable vocals to take centre-stage.

Lost Where I Belong sounds like the lovechild of Terry Callier and Sade. It’s a beguiling collection that squirrels itself into your subconscious and nibbles languidly at the soul. It’s not worth running through the cuts individually, this is an album best consumed whole (but I particularly love the haunting X, the beautifully arranged light funk of Lost Where I Belong and the bluesy Darker Than Blue).

Soul purists may pass over this album. It’s certainly without weekender anthems. But they’ll miss one of the most fascinating, original and deeply soulful albums of 2010. We’re going to be playing this for some time, no doubt.

Trip on over to Ninja Tune and grab some good music. Tell ’em SoulCuts sent ya.

The first track from the album, Draw the Stars is available as a free download this week via iTunes in the UK. Go for it!




2 responses

26 08 2010

Love her, love her, love her and love her. Discovered her on Bonobo album and some session track she’s done for Gilles Peterson. Have you followed her on Twitter?

26 08 2010

Yeah, have done. Lovely album. Sessions on GP this week, I think…

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