New SoulCut of the Week – Soulkiss – ‘I Tried to Forget You’

13 08 2010

New vocal trio, Soulkiss definitely bring some hot buttered, deep soul flavour with this cover of Sylvester’s I Tried to Forget You. Impeccable vocals, heavenly harmonies and real soul instrumentation combine to deliver one of the deepest soul ballads we’ve heard all year. Oh yes, it’s a brave soul that covers a Sylvester track, but Soulkiss amazingly nail this, delivering a more bluesy take on the 1977 gem and wholly making it their own.

Take a listen to the stunning I Tried to Forget You right here:

Soulkiss consists of vocalists Tim Dillinger, Kare Alford & David Sosa. Their sound is reminiscent of the best vocal harmony groups of the 60s and 70s. It’s so refreshing to hear three outstanding vocalists working as a unit, rather than trying to out-sing each other. I bet Soulkiss are amazing live. Please come to the UK, soon!

The guys are currently finishing up their debut album and, on this evidence, it’ll be another buy-blind effort for SoulCuts. We’ll post up further reviews as soon as we get our mitts on any more Soulkiss music.

Thanks to Ivan Orr and Grown Folks Music for putting SoulCuts on to this track. Loving your work!

Oh! And as a bonus cut, here’s the Sylvester original, not that we need an excuse to spin it.

Learn more about Soulkiss at their official site and download via Amazon and iTunes.




2 responses

13 08 2010
Tim Dillinger » SOULKISS earns spot as SOULCUT of the Week!

[…] here to see and […]

19 08 2010

That Soulkiss track is lovely but the Sylvester original is so hard to beat. Syl’s voice is so unique.

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