Today, Bilal is Free!!!!!

12 08 2010

Check this video of Bilal singing the Donny Hathaway classic, Someday We’ll All Be Free. The original remains one of my all-time favourite tunes and still sends shivers done my spine. It may even be the greatest soul track of all time. No pressure then! But I think Bilal and the the Miguel Artwood-Ferguson Ensemble have acquitted themselves pretty damn well here. I think you’re sure to enjoy it.

Listening to this cut, it’s apparent that Bilal has one of the most unique voices in contemporary soul music. Having listened to snippets and a few cuts off Airtight’s Revenge (Bilal’s new album to be released early September), it sounds like we might have a future classic on our hands.

In the meantime, treat yourselves to a free download of Someday We’ll All Be Free right here, courtesy of the crazy talented Miguel Atwood-Ferguson. Ain’t that nice?




2 responses

12 09 2010

Not an easy album that I would hope. 2-3 more spins revealed some great feelings. Although “Who Are You”, “Think It Over”, “Flying” and “All Matter” are superb. I can’t decide which “All Matter” versions is better between Robert Glasper or his own.

12 09 2010

Yeah! Far from simple! One to spend some time with, for sure. At the moment, I’m siding with Bilal on the All Matter issue. It just hits a little harder. However, both are excellent.

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