SoulCut of the Week – Mario Biondi – Be Lonely

10 08 2010

We’ve loved Mario Biondi since we heard This is What You Are back in 2006. And while it’s great to hear him working with Incognito on their recent Transatlantic RPM album, let’s not forget that Mario himself released an excellent new album this year with the diverse, soulful and jazzy, If. The cream cut off that album just has to be Be Lonely, a Barry White meets the Love Boat kind of groove, awash with Italian sophistication, circa 1976. It’s undeniably kitsch, but utterly addictive. A timeless sounding cut with sweet strings and some shockingly effective wah-wah guitar. We’ve been spinning it for the past few months and just HAD to share it. Delicious!

Oh! And as a bonus, here’s the Incognito remix of No’ Mo’ Trouble from the same album. Niceness.

It’s hard to get your mitts on a physical copy of the album, but iTunes have it, right here.




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