Friday Funk – Attack Me With Your Love – Cameo

6 08 2010

Today’s treat comes courtesy of one of the finest funk bands of all time, Cameo. As much as I love Cameo’s earlier, more traditionally funky, albums, Larry Blackmon’s outfit truly found their own sound around the mid-80s, releasing four classic albums in a row (She’s Strange, Single Life, Word Up and Machismo) and re-defining funk in line with the synth-dominated grooves of the era.

Attack Me With Your Love is a stunning piece of smoothed out synth-funk, with a bizarre video that plays out like a bunch of clips from an I Love the 80s show. Check the bloke dancing at 1:40. You want to be him, don’t you? Or, be with him. Who wouldn’t?

Oh, and the song has the line, ‘Bushwack me with your love’. Believe me, that’s some deep, deep loving. Go on, do it. Bushwack me, baby!





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