A Delightful Pullover Delivers a Beautiful Song

8 07 2010

SoulCuts Ballad de jour is the exceptional Love is Just a Dream taken from Cliff Dawson’s eponymously titled 1982 solo album. An undeniably classy affair, the album is jammed with exceptionally arranged ballads (courtesy of famed Salsoul arranger, Thor Baldrussen – check your liner notes, he’s EVERYWHERE) and a couple of dancefloor goodies (I Can Love You Better being the most famous tune) all helmed by Starpoint producer, Lionel Job.

Love is Just a Dream is the absolute stand-out. It’s a perfect soul ballad. That nagging piano, lush orchestration, restrained horns, ethereal backing singers and soaring lead vocal combine to produce a ballad of such outstanding quality that it actually plays nicely alongside some Luther (not many do!).

The album’s been reissued by those good chaps over at funkytowngrooves and is undeniably worth some of your pennies. Tell ’em SoulCuts sent ya!

Oh, and if you like the front cover, the back has Cliff in full ladykiller mode:





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