Hot Summer Soul – What you mean you ain’t got no air conditioning!

6 07 2010

A couple of oldies to warm the soul.

Sting’s Let’s do it in the Shower is a sweet little groove. The lyrics are hilarious. The lead vocalist sounds so sincere, the backing singers imploring. I’m ruthlessly campaigning for this to be the official anthem of summer 2010. Imagine if we gave in to our man’s suggestion and just did it in the shower, NOW! Oh, life would be all so much sweeter, and refreshing! Come on, let’s do it baby:

You feel a little dirty after that don’t you? Well, how about some cleansing spiritual soul. Here’s Passage with I See the Light. Look at that album cover. Yes, they see the light. Wow! That’s the name of the song too. Wow, again! An impeccably produced gospel-soul classic from 1981; uplifting lyrics, sweet strings, chunky bass, Chic-esque rhythm guitar, with a sound sax break to boot. The group consisted of one half of the Brothers Johnson (bassist Louis), his wife Valerie and former Brothers Johnson percussionist and singer, Richard Heath. Their one self-titled album is a bit of a treat for modern soul lovers. Get yourself over to to bag a copy, and tell ‘em SoulCuts sent ya. You see the light now?



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